I would like to thank all the people who came and supported

The Ged Walker Memorial show

At The West Park, Long Eaton, Nottingham

in August this year 08.

It was a lovely show.
The atmosphere was electric.
Thank you to everyone who helped at the show.
Thank you to all the stall holders who helped to make it much more of a show this year.

Thank you to our Judges and Stewards for giving their time and experience.
And to all the helpers of The Old Park Farm School Of Dog Training and
The Dog Display Team
without who’s help we could not have ran the show.

P.C. Ged Walker served his community as a Police Dog Handler for over 20yrs.
He was a respected member of the Police Force and his community.
Ged was married with two children. a family man..

He was Murdered while trying to arrest a Drug Dealer in Nottingham. a tragic and senseless act that robbed a family a community a wife of a man that was much loved.

With Ged at the time was his dog KIA. who was injured and stayed with his handler.
All dog handlers know the strong bond that these unique dog and handler teams have.

The Dog Show is held by dog people for dog people in recognition of his sacrifice while trying to uphold the Law.

£1,000 was raised for his family.